Each of the Essential Oils we offer comes with a range of benefits. The following charts display these benefits. 

How to use these charts:

The conditions, symptoms, prevention or outcomes are listed in alphabetical order in the far left column on each chart. You may browse these if you are seeking relief for a certain condition. Alternatively, if you are curious about the effects of a particular oil you will find these on the top row of each chart. The tick mark denotes the effects for each oil.

Refer to our FAQs to determine how best to use teach oil or blend. You may also choose to experience the effects through any of our derivative products, such as our lotions or bath salts.  


Chart 1: Essential Oils - Emotional Effects

Essential Oils Emotional Effects Chart


Chart 2: Essential Oils - Physical Conditions

Essential Oils Physical Conditions Chart


Chart 3: Essential Oils - Other Uses

Essential Oils Other Uses Chart


For your convenience, we have included a complete chart of our Essential Oil Blends to show their effects. We hope you find this useful.   

Chart 4: Essential Oil Blends - Complete Benefits & Effects  

Essential Oil Blends Full Chart


If you have any questions about these charts or if you would like access the charts in their native format please see our Contact page and send us an email. We love hearing from you and will do our best to respond within 24 hours.

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Spirit Aroma 


This information is not intended as medical advice. Persons with medical conditions should see an appropriate health care provider for treatment and recommendations. Spirit Aroma takes no responsibility for persons experiencing any adverse effects from the use of Essential Oils or the practice of Aromatherapy.