We all know the feeling... the familiarity, the memory of that place and time when a smell defined a moment. A subtle hint can take us right back, bringing forth all the emotions and feelings associated with that memory.

A scent can be a powerful emotional trigger, but the scents of Essential Oils also have incredibly therapeutic benefits for our health and well-being.   

Hey there! I'm Adileh, the owner and manager of Spirit Aroma. I'm a 36 year old former engineer. Years ago, I went through a phase in my life when I felt an immense discomfort with the direction my life had taken. No amount of retail therapy, meditation or meals with loved-ones brought me the sense of internal happiness I craved. I came across Essential Oils by chance, and slowly began incorporating these into my daily life where possible. Gradually, I began to see and feel changes, both internally and externally. Over time my anxieties and troubles began to melt away, and were replaced with a feeling of immense calm, serenity and peace. I was stunned and grateful all at once. In addition, my hair, nails and skin began to look healthier and I was getting compliments constantly. These changes did not come about over night, but the Essential Oils I was using were no doubt the catalyst I needed on the path to finding my inner strength, spirit and health.

The use of Essential Oils has been life changing for me. Not only were they astonishingly beneficial to my sense of wholeness, but they also created a warm and inviting atmosphere around my home, workplace, car and any other location in which I chose to utilize them.

Here at Spirit Aroma, we're building a world where everyone can experience the therapeutic power of Pure Essential Oils and Aromatherapy products. Our mission is to provide you with an opportunity to explore your senses and expand your experience of Essential Oils and their benefits, to bring about a stronger connection with your spiritual self. 

We're proud of the quality and purity of our oils. Our Essential Oils are selected for their exceptional aromatic profiles and designed to be used for Aromatherapy, bath & body as well as pure enjoyment. They are 100% pure unless otherwise stated, as in the case of our 5% absolute solutions. 

We hope you fall in love with our oils and exquisite products once you've experienced their incredible benefits. Find your tranquility, energy and vitality. A deep breath of a simple essence connects the mind, body and spirit for a moment, but the benefits could last a lifetime. Help us make Essential Oils a household staple.

How are we doing? We'd love to hear your thoughts on our store and products. Please contact us with any comments or concerns.  

Thank you for your business!

Adileh Kassai
Spirit Aroma