Our Essential Oil & Aromatherapy Sets make wonderful gifts for yourself or a loved one. For those who would like to sample our oils before making a bigger commitment, the Basic, Sampler or Getting Started Sets are all excellent choices. 

Athlete                                             Everyday           
Basic                                               Getting Started           
Breathe Easy                                  Sampler                        
Chakra                                            Traveler 
Cold & Flu                                       Yogi                

In addition to what we offer here, we're also happy to put together a custom bundle. Contact us for details. We hope you'll enjoy these sets, and use them to further your knowledge and enjoyment of Aromatherapy.


Athlete's Aromatherapy Set


Basic Essential Oils Set


Chakra Blends Complete Set


Cold & Flu Fighter Set


De-Stress Aromatherapy Set


Everyday Aromatherapy Set


Sampler Essential Oils Set


Traveler Aromatherapy Set


Yogi Aromatherapy Set